I can’t say enough good things about the work Fidelis Films did at our wedding. My wife was very persistent that we have a videographer at our wedding. I, on the other hand, thought it was too expensive and wouldn’t be worth our time. Fidelis Films proved me wrong. We just received our wedding video and raw footage in the mail and I couldn’t be more happy that we chose them for our special day. The short film (edited with music) brought tears to literally everyone’s eyes that I showed it to. Nicki and Christian were brilliant and captured EVERY fine detail throughout the entire day. Not only are Nicki and Christian creative, they were extremely professional and great people to work with. They met with us months before the wedding to get to know us on a personal level and see what our goals were for the video. They were fully invested in us throughout the entire process. I can’t brag about these guys enough. For the husbands who don’t think they need a wedding video/think it’s too expensive, I HIGHLY suggest that you do it. Furthermore, you need to go with Fidelis Films because they’re the BEST at what they do. Thank you Nicki & Christian for everything!!!!!

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Nicki and Christian are amazing. They were with me the entire day of my wedding. They arrived at 10:30AM and filmed until 11PM. They were so professional and made me feel so comfortable that I forget they were filming me at times. I highly recommend Fidelis Films!!!!


Nicki and Christian recently filmed my daughter’s wedding. Their professionalism and calm and caring demeanor automatically put me, my daughter and the entire bridal party at ease. Their creativity and artistic talents became evident as they began to create and capture what we know will be amazing images and film. Nicki and Christian arrived in the morning and remained with us for the entire day. It was truly our pleasure to have them as part of our team. We are looking forward with great anticipation to having their talents transform into the beautiful images that our family will treasure for a lifetime. Thank you for being such a valuable part of our day!

-Maria Abbondandolo
Mother of the Bride

Nicki and Christian are the absolute best. They were so fun to work with, professional and flexible. We could not be more happy with our wedding video, they captured the moment perfectly. It felt like we had known them for years and it showed in our film! Don’t hesitate to hire them, you won’t regret it. They are amazing!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

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-Marissa Antonio

I cannot say enough amazing things about Fidelis Films! I knew I wanted to have a videographer at my wedding but my husband thought it was too expensive after months of debating and watching all of Fidelis Films video’s I knew I had to choose them! It was the best money I spent out of everything for our wedding!

They arrived to the venue the same time we did and left when we left! Nicki and Christian are great with making you feel comfortable while having a great time! Our video was better than I could have imagined and I am so excited to have those memories for the rest of our lives. There is no price on being able to relive our special day for years to come!

Nicki and Christian are amazing and do an incredible job!

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Nikki and Christian were such a delight to have as a part of our day. They captured our entire day from start to finish and you should SEE the result!!  They brought out the most precious moments (some of which we didn’t even know happened ourselves) and really captured the emotion and joy of the day. They understand the mechanics of a wedding and we’re always in the right place to capture the moment. My husband, family and I were portrayed so perfectly it was like they knew our lives even though we had only met a few times previous to the wedding. We will cherish our video and the other compilation pieces for the rest of our lives. They also coordinated well with our photographer. I cannot say enough. If you’re reading this you have to use them!!
P.S. The reception venue we used had some unexpected renovation to their beautiful front windows and they ended up being covered in material on our day. Fidelis Films WENT BACK and shot the front of our venue so we could have the memory perfect in our keepsake. We didn’t ask for it but they went above and beyond.


I feel awful that my review has come so late after my wedding because Christian and Nikki are truly an amazing team to work with. Let me start by saying I found them here on wedding wire and watched every one of their videos and then sent them to my mom and dad to watch. I don’t think there was a single video that I didn’t shed a tear and I didn’t know a single person in any of their videos. Each one truly shares a story and my video wasn’t any different. Oh and let me also add we almost didn’t book a videographer for our wedding because of budgeting but let me tell you THIS IS ONE VENDOR YOU DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE OUT.

Starting with our first communication via email Christian was very prompt to respond and helped us secure our date even though I couldn’t meet him for a few weeks because I was an out of town bride. My mom and I met with them at a local Barnes and Noble to discuss things to include in our video and being in the wedding industry myself I know that giving someone full creative reign can be hard to do for a bride but totally worth it when you have hired the right people. Immediately I knew that Christian and Nikki were those people who are SO incredibly passionate and dedicated to their work that I had no issue saying “I trust your vision completely”. I know this was the best decision I have made.
After receiving my video link for those of you about to watch or already watched the videos mine is “I pick you”, I immediately shared on all my social media for friends and family to see. The response was incredible. My mom says “Someone could ransack my house and all I would care about is if they took that video.” after every time she watches it. My uncle who is a very critical photographer said that he could never produce the caliber of editing and filming that they Fidelis Films created.
You will not regret booking Fidelis Films you have my word as a bride and wedding coordinator.


Amazing! I can’t say enough good things about Nicki and Christian. Christian was such a stealth videographer at my wedding that I almost didn’t realize he was still there, but he captured every great moment at the wedding and then some. He put together the most beautiful video of our day. My husband and I cry every time we watch it. I wish I was getting married again so I could hire them again…and to wear the dress 🙂

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I love watching the finished video! I watched it about 10 times the night that we got it! Not only did they do an amazing job and capture all the moments we wanted and more, they present their product in the most personal and creative wooden box. It had our date engraved on it as well as pictures printed on the wood!! They even went to the extent to add in a silhouette of our dog, Khloe, who was a flower girl. I could not have asked for a better experience! We even got the raw footage that they didn’t use!! We have enjoyed watching our big day over and over finding new excitement each time we watch it! I am so glad that we took the time to find Fidelis Films! We would have made a huge mistake without booking them!! You can not go wrong!!


The first time my husband and I watched our wedding video we were in complete awe. Christian David is extremely talented at this work and we are eternally grateful that he was present to capture our wedding day. The resulting footage that we will cherish forever is absolutely priceless. Those few hours of that one special day that we planned for so long went by in an instant. But having Christian there, now we are able to experience all of those little, and big, moments that we were too nerve-wracked to really soak-in at the time.
Because of his ability to integrate himself into the background we were surprised at a lot of the footage because we don’t remember him being there for so much of it, or at least being that close to us. Christian was the perfect combination of being present to capture everything, and yet, blending in and being unobtrusive. As a result of this we were able to relax and not be self-conscious. He made the whole experience very comfortable for us.
His professionalism and immense talent is evident. The best moments, the little moments, the details and so many loved ones… Christian captured it all. I adore the way he expertly edited all of it together. Even the music is merged so perfectly with the footage and the combination beautifully captures the overall feeling of our day.
Honestly, I debated whether to spend the money on a videographer. Now that we have our video, it scares me to think of what we would have missed without him and what an easy decision it should have been. Christian is positively one of the best investments we made for our wedding day. All in all, it is apparent how much thought, effort and expertise was put into all aspects of the creation of our wedding video and that Christian is a true artist. Words cannot express how much we love our video and how grateful and unbelievably lucky we are to have had Christian David perform this crucial element to encapsulate and relive our happy day.


There aren’t enough words to describe how happy and thankful I am that we had Christian David with us on our wedding day. The video he created for us is something my husband and I will cherish for life.

Matt and I spent a lot of time watching wedding videos online to find a style we liked before our wedding. The majority of videographers we found in the area typically create a very “traditional” and Florida-style video. Matt and I wanted something vintage looking and unique with somewhat of a Super 8 kind of feel to it that we couldn’t seem to find with any videographers. We met with Christian David and showed him examples of what we were looking for and he more than delivered the result.

He spent the evening of our rehearsal dinner and the entire wedding day with us. He was able to capture every special moment shared between Matt and I and our family and friends and edited the footage into a video I can’t stop watching.

It has been six months since our wedding day and every time I watch the video he made for us, it brings back every emotion and feeling I had that day.

Christian David’s talent is unparalleled. His ability to quietly capture our wedding details and his incredible editing skills has left us with such a precious and valuable gift that we have shared with family and friends and we will cherish it forever.

If you are looking for an incredibly talented, professional, caring, and unique videographer who can truly deliver exactly the video you’re dreaming of you should look no further than Christian David.