Fidelis Films is run by husband and wife team Christian and Nicki. We began in 2012 and have filmed throughout Florida, the Caribbean, Colorado, Italy and abroad. We are first and foremost artists and take pride in creating films showcasing each couple’s unique relationship. Our approach is simple, we focus on journalistic filming and strive to capture the moments, smiles and emotions of the day. Framing, movement and sound are things that fascinate us about film and something we are always thinking about.  Fidelis Films has grown out of a love for cinematography and storytelling; and we are inspired by the humanity and epic beauty of our craft. It is amazing to think of what our films will mean to each couple. (Wouldn’t it be incredible to watch a video of your grandparents?) Creating heirlooms that will be cherished forever is something that we are honored to be apart of. We are truly blessed to be able to do what we love.

Outside of Weddings

We live in sunny Naples Florida and have a very handsome beagle named Toby and a pretty large family. When we are not spending time with our family or dog –  we love to hiking, exploring new places, or staying up late filming time lapses of the stars. Traveling is a passion for us and we are always eager for a new adventure!

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